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Black Catholic Voices

We could not remain indifferent as we observed adults and young adults drifting away from our church due to a sense of spiritual bankruptcy, and then during COVID found an easier means to further disconnect.

Some found found solace in socially distanced options such as prayer lines, virtual faith sharing groups, and worldwide virtual liturgical celebrations. We created a website,, to keep our brothers and sisters of African heritage spiritually informed.

To address the young adult exodus we created Anchored in Christ Ministries and held many local and national virtual spiritual experiences.

Then, as the episodes of racism escalated, the young adults felt that our Church was silent and wanted their voices heard, thus the creation of the Facebook page Black Catholic Voices.  Today it is a space where Black Catholics can express and share their faith.

The aim of all three is that "as Black people, we share our love for and experience in the Roman Catholic tradition – one body sharing one faith. Although we come from many parts of the world, we share a common ancestry. St. Pope Paul VI asked that we remain sincerely [African] Black in our interpretation of the Christian life; that we formulate Catholicism in terms congenial to our own cultures; and that we bring our gift of blackness to the Catholic Church. Together we can be the Body of Christ, making a difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters by sharing and being Christ. As we remain united through the Eucharist, we will not forget who and whose we are."